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What Does Sliced Invoices Do?

Sliced Invoices is a WordPress invoicing plugin that allows you to send invoices & quotes to your clients.
With a range of free and paid extensions available, all of your invoicing needs are covered.

Create Quotes

You can have a quote out the door and sitting in your clients inbox within minutes, all without leaving your WordPress dashboard. Pre-defined items and a smart user interface make creating quotes or estimates a breeze.

Create Invoices

Once your client accepts your quote or estimate, it is simply a matter of clicking the ‘Convert To Invoice’ button and you now have an invoice ready to go. Send your client the link and they can pay online using PayPal.

Sliced Invoices Features

Extend Sliced Invoices


Check out the free and paid extensions available for Sliced Invoices that will help make your quoting & invoicing a breeze. Some of the extensions include the Email & PDF Invoices extension, Translate, Recurring Invoices and Deposit Invoices.

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There are a number of bundles available that include multiple extensions & priority support options. Bundles are designed to offer the best value for money & there can be some serious savings to be had with some bundles saving over 50%.

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Do More With An Extension Bundle

You can save a heap by purchasing extensions together

Customize Your Templates

Easily customize your invoice & quote templates by choosing a pre-designed template, adding your own CSS, creating your own invoice & quote templates or use a combination of them all.

Add your logo, add footer text, format addresses anyway you like and depending on your HTML and CSS knowledge, you can style the invoice or quote literally anyway you like.

Reporting & Exporting

The reports page shows you a monthly and year to date overview with such things as total invoices, total quotes, total amounts paid and unpaid, highest/lowest/averages as well as a graph of invoices vs quotes for the year to date.

You can also export a list of all quotes & all invoices into a CSV format Excel file. Perfect for the bean counter!

So Many Features

Besides all of the fancy stuff like designer templates and good looking reports, there are tons of tiny little features built into Sliced Invoices that will make your invoicing & quoting a breeze.

Built in features include multiple payment methods, pre-defined line items, any currency, any language, translation fields, client management, convert quotes to invoices, clone items, auto increment of numbers and the list goes on.

Create Professional Quotes & Invoices Using WordPress

Creating invoices & quotes in the WordPress admin area has never been easier.
Customize your invoices, manage your clients and accept payments securely online.