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Support tickets are the best way to get support with all Sliced Invoices products.  A valid license key is required to use our support system.

Do you have a license?

If you do not have a license key to any of our products, you can get support for the free Sliced Invoices WordPress plugin at the forum.

Otherwise, complete the form below to open a ticket.

Start Here

Please include as much detail as possible in the description as this will help to speed up your support request. Some things to include might be:

  • What is the error/issue/bug
  • A link to an invoice or quote that has the error
  • What are the steps to reproduce the error
  • Screenshots of the error or the steps that produce the error
  • The System Info file which can be downloaded by visiting the Tools menu of the Sliced Invoices plugin

We are available Monday-Friday.  We do our best to reply to all tickets within 1 business day.

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