Formidable Forms Extension

Create a quote/invoice request form using Formidable Forms. Each form entry automatically creates a quote or invoice.

This is a free plugin available at

Imagine having a form on your website that allows your visitors to basically create their own quotes and invoices!

All you need to do once they have submitted the form is to edit the quote, read the description of work they require and then set your pricing. All of their client data has already been captured and added to the quote.

How It Works

You simply need to create your Quote (or Invoice) Request form that contains the following fields:

  • Client Name
  • Client Email
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Work Required (brief description) – this becomes the Quote title
  • Work Required (detailed description) – this becomes the Quote description

Map each of these to the correct field names in your form settings, and you’re ready to go! You can also set up confirmations and notifications as per normal in the Formidable Forms settings.

With the form setup and the fields mapped, you simply need to add the form shortcode to one of your pages as you would normally do. When a client fills in your Quote Request form, a new quote (or invoice) will automatically be created with all of their details added to the quote.

You then need to simply add the line items and pricing to the quote and send to the client.

If the email address that the client fills in is not already linked to a client, the plugin will automatically create a new client with this email.