WooCommerce Extension

This Woocommerce extension acts as the middle-man between the Woocommerce plugin and Sliced Invoices plugin, allowing you to easily create invoices and quotes from Woocommerce orders.

This is a free plugin available at wordpress.org/plugins/woo-invoices/

Woocommerce and Sliced Invoices are both ecommerce plugins that have very different uses and different functions, but there is also some overlap with some of their features. This plugin takes some features of Sliced Invoices and some features of Woocommerce to achieve an extremely flexible ecommerce setup that can be used in many, many different ways.

You can still use Sliced Invoices independantly of Woocommerce and vice versa.

So how do the plugins work together?

Key Features

  • Automatically create quotes from Woocommerce orders
  • Automatically create invoices from Woocommerce orders
  • Invoices and quotes can be created from the back end (admin creating the order)
  • Invoices only can be created from the front end (upon client checkout)
  • Adds ‘Pay by Invoice’ as a Checkout option
  • Enable default payment methods on invoices
  • Enable invoices only for certain shipping methods
  • Include instructions and a link to the Invoice in emails
  • Easily print quotes & invoices to PDF by using the PDF invoices extension
  • The PDF invoices extension also allows clients to print their quotes and invoices
  • With the PDF extension installed, the PDF will also be attached to the Woocommerce emails that go to the client