[PARTIALLY DONE] Additional options for expired quotes

May 13, 2017
Andrea Whitmer

The ability to send an email before/after a quote expires would be awesome. Something like “Just a reminder your quote will expire on X date” as well as a notification that the quote has expired. If this had similar options to the payment reminders, that would be awesome. Also, I don’t know exactly how the quotes behave once expired, but I’d love to see an “expired” status that will prevent the client from viewing the quote, maybe with a message I could set such as “This quote has expired. Click here to request a new one” or whatever is relevant.

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Sliced Invoices
May 13, 2017 8:33 pm

A new “expired” status for quotes will be coming out in Sliced Invoices v3.4.0. With that update, quotes will automatically move to “expired” once the “Valid Until” date has passed. Once in “expired” status, the quote can no longer be accepted/declined (unless of course you manually change the status through the admin side).

The email part of this will remain on the feature request list for now until we have more time to look into it…