November 20, 2017
Sliced Invoices

it would be gorgerous to have a third category of files (QUOTE, INVOICE and OTHER)… OTHER is a free PDF file i add manually. But it is handeled in the “customer area” normally and an EMAIL is generated like for the other files for the customer. That way i can make available full proposals for example or reports etc i send to the customer and i have them all in one clean AREA

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Please allow this to happen, it is the only thing holding me back from purchasing the client area plugin.

Update: I have solved this problem using a third party plugin and some custom coding of my own.

Sliced Invoices Plugin v3.7.5
Author: Sliced Invoices
Author URI:

User Private Files Plugin v1.1
Author: Hai Bui – FLDtrace team
Author URI:

1) Install Sliced Invoices Plugin as well as Client Area Extention directly from Sliced Invoices here:
2) Install the “User Private Files” plugin from here:
3) Activate both plugins on same website, set up Simple Invoices Plugin as normal, set up Client Area plugin as normal. Activate “User Private Files” Plugin
4) Create and copy/paste or insert this PHP file into your theme folder /YOURTHEME/Sliced/client-area.php

Update: Doesn’t actually work yet.

–Update– Now works correctly.

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