[DONE – SEE COMMENTS] Automatic email send when Paid

March 13, 2018
Neil Williams

I really need to send an automatic receipt when status changes from Unpaid to Paid, I dont use Paypal just BACS, my customers need to know I have received payment. Pretty please with sugar on the top 🙂

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Sliced Invoices
March 13, 2018 8:41 am

In Sliced Invoices 3.7 we’ll be adding the ability to manually send “payment received” emails. This will not be automatic — but it should help for these situations where you’re receiving bank/cheque/cash payments that would not otherwise trigger an email from one of the online payment gateways.

Sliced Invoices
March 22, 2018 6:38 pm

Just to confirm, this feature was added in Sliced Invoices 3.7. You can now manually send “payment received” emails on demand. Note this is not automatic — we do not want status changes firing off automatic emails as this would be problematic for most people. But hopefully the feature we’ve added will meet your needs.

I searched before I posted a feature request but somehow missed this.
My recent request is for this functionality – but with a caveat.
How about when the status is changed the software just pops up a question asking if you’d like to send an email – when you click yes it takes you to the emails modal?

Possible to include this feature for Admin notifications too? We would find it really useful to know when accounting has manually updated an order (that was paid by BACS), with a notification to the rest of the team by email. Thanks!

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