[DONE] Braintree Gateway – submit client info

February 15, 2017
Sliced Invoices

while the Braintree Payment Gateway is functional as in the payments do go through, no client info is passed on to the gateway other then card details. With WooCommerce for example, when a payment is made through a standard Braintree plugin, client name is passed on as well.

This allows a 3rd party, which we don’t give access to WordPress and the Invoices section, to view Braintree exported transaction list and pair which payment belongs to which customer. If you don’t pass on the name, then we have no idea which transaction belongs to who.

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Sliced Invoices
February 21, 2017 5:04 am

This has been added in version 1.2.0. See here: https://slicedinvoices.com/extensions/braintree-payment-gateway/

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