Contract Module

November 8, 2018
Sliced Invoices

This contract module would manage contacts in conjunction with an invoice. Sharing/merging user and invoice data into a text document.

For example a customer signs a service/maintenance contract and after that the invoices are generated.

So the basic Contact Module could include such things as:

– Contacts (add contract, list contracts)
# Add Contract: Select template, fill the fields from the customer database, add extra information to the user profile related to the redaction of the contract, link automatic invoice generation.
# List Contracts: Edit contract, send contract by email, generate PDF, download Contract, Signed Status, Linked invoice.

– Contract Templates (add template, list templates)
# Add Template: Use default “tags” to be substituted dynamically, create custom “tags” to add user data into contracts layout.
# List Templates Contracts: Edit template, Duplicate template, Delete template

This are only general ideas. I’ve been checking some contract software options but they lack the integration with invoicing.

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