[DONE] International invoice format

October 28, 2017
Leo Strand

Thank you for making an awesome invoice plugin!

I do have a request of a much needed option, that currently is missing. I do understand that in the US prices are offered net. and tax is added on at sales. However, in most markets globally, prices are offered as full prices with VAT is already included in the price.

It has become very confusing for our clients being offered a full price (for one or multiple services) over phone, but when receiving the invoice, all items are in net.

I.e. A client has been offered 2 separate consulting services with a price of “Service A – 210.00” and “Service B – 195.00” per hour over the phone. However, these are then translated to the quote for clients acceptance, itemized as net. prices…
Service A – 187.50
Service B – 174.11

So far every client receiving the quotes… and also invoices, has called or emailed asking how we compute these invoices….

Would it be possible to have an option where the full price can be itemized, and VAT is calculated in reverse and itemized as “VAT %” and “Whereof VAT” instead?

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Sliced Invoices
March 22, 2018 6:46 pm

This feature was added in Sliced Invoices v3.7. There is now a setting for entering prices inclusive of tax.

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