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Email delivery issues — I created an invoice and sent it, why didn’t my client receive it?

This is the #1 most common question people ask us.

If you’re not receiving Sliced Invoices-related emails, 99% of the time it is due to your server/host’s configuration, including any number of possible spam-blocking systems.

Sliced Invoices, like many WP plugins, uses the built-in WordPress mail function (wp_mail) for all emails. This means we rely entirely on your WordPress installation’s ability to send emails. If your site, hosting, or server are not configured properly, there are any number of potential problems that could prevent your site from sending emails correctly.

You can find out for sure by doing a little testing:

1) Are you receiving other emails from your site, such as new user notifications, forgot password emails, etc? Since Sliced Invoices uses the same built-in WordPress email functions, if these WordPress-generated emails aren’t going through, neither will Sliced Invoices ones.

2) Install the free plugin Email Log, which records every email being sent out. If Sliced Invoices emails show up in this log, then you know everything related to *sending* is working. That means it’s a problem on the receiving end, for example your server may inadvertently be triggering some spam blocking system on the recipient’s server (this is the most common).

3) Talk to your hosting provider for help. Or, if they can’t or won’t help, many people choose to use a Transactional Email service, such as SendGrid, which takes care of all these issues for you. SendGrid offers a WordPress plugin and a free account for WordPress users if you send less than 12,000 emails a month.