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Sliced Invoices uses the default WordPress Users system for it’s client management, but adds a few features to help turn the standard WordPress User system into more of a Client Management system suitable for invoicing.

What is a Client?

A Client, in the eyes of Sliced Invoices, is any standard WordPress User that has a Business/Client Name filled in on their user profile.
When adding or editing an invoice or a quote, there is a dropdown that allows you to choose a Client. Clients are only visible in this dropdown if they have the Business/Client Name field filled in.

It is important to understand that a normal WordPress user can simply remain a user and have no association with the Sliced Invoices plugin. You simply leave the Business/Client Name blank.

You can convert any existing User into a Client or you can add a new Client from scratch.

How do I add a new Client?

There are a few ways to add a new Client.

  1. Simply navigate to Users –> Add New and create a WordPress User as you normally would.
  2. Navigate to Users and click on any existing WordPress User in the list.
  3. Click on the ‘Add New Client’ button from within a quote/invoice.

You will notice that Sliced Invoices has added a few extra profile fields:

  • Business/Client Name
  • Address
  • Extra Info

Simply filling in the Business/Client Name field is sufficient to create a Client and they will now appear in the dropdown on the quote or invoice edit page.
You can also add the Address of the Client and any Extra Info, such as a phone number or business number. All 3 of these fields will appear on the quote/invoice if they are filled in.