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Before adding a Quote, you should visit the Quote Settings page and configure the options for the Quotes.

Adding and editing Quotes with Sliced Invoices is simple. It is much the same as adding or editing posts and pages within WordPress, except that there are just a few extra fields to fill in.

Here are a few things to be aware of when adding or editing a quote:

  • Title, Client, Status and Created Date are required fields.
  • If Payment Methods is empty, you need to add a payment method in Sliced Invoices –> Payment.
  • If there are no Pre-Defined Line Items, you can add these in Sliced Invoices –> General.
  • All fields that are filled in will be shown to the client on the Quote, except for the Title field. The title is only used in the admin area.

Adding a new Quote

Navigate to Quotes –> Add New Quote to get started adding your Quote. You will presented with a page that has the following fields:

  • Title – Enter a title for your Quote. The title is not visible to your client on the Quote, it is only used in your admin area.
  • Description – An optional field to add a description to the Quote.
  • Line Items
    • Qty – Add the quantity of your line item in this field.
    • Title – Add a title for this line item.
    • Adjust – This can be used as an extra Tax field by adding a positive number, or as a discount field by adding a negative number. The line item amount will be adjusted by the number (in percentage %) that is input into this field.
    • Rate – Add the rate or price of your line item in this field.
    • Description – You can add a description to each line item in this field.
  • Pre-defined line items – this dropdown pulls in the pre-defined items you have set up in the General Settings section. Select a pre-defined item and the fields will automatically be filled in.

To add a new line item, simply hit the Add Another Item button.

  • Client – Select the client from the dropdown or click on the Add New Client button to add a new client. Once added, the client will immediately appear in the dropdown for you to select.
  • Status – Add a status for the quote. Draft is the default status and you should keep it as a Draft until it is sent to the client, at which point it should become Sent status
  • Quote Number – The prefix that is set in Sliced Invoices –> Quotes is automatically added to the front of the number. If you have auto increment setup, then the next number should appear in this field.
  • Created Date – This field is required.
  • Valid Until Date – This field is optional and gives a date that the Quote will be valid until.

Terms & Conditions – This field pulls in the default Terms & Conditions as set in Quote Settings. You can choose to keep the default Terms & Conditions or you can edit them for this particular Quote.

Once you have filled in all the fields to your satisfaction, hit the Publish button and you Quote is now live and viewable for your client. You can send the link to them and they can view the Quote.

Editing a Quote

First thing is to find your Quote by clicking on the Quotes link in the sidebar and looking for the Quote that you want to edit. Once you find the quote to edit, simply click on it’s title to be taken to the Edit Quote screen.

You will be presented with exactly the same fields as the Add New Quote screen (see above). Edit whatever you like and hit the Update button. Simple as that!