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Known plugin conflicts

We do our best to avoid conflicts with plugins by other developers, but sometimes we find situations where the problem cannot be solved from our end, and the conflicting plugin’s authors have not solved the problem. The following is a list of known conflicts with other plugins and/or themes.

Last updated April 6, 2022


  • Yoast SEO by Team Yoast

    Yoast SEO causes a conflict with our PDF Invoice Extension when used in combination with Gravity Forms and our Gravity Forms Extension. Any quotes/invoices which are generated through Gravity Forms will have broken PDF attachments in outgoing emails. (Only applies to the email sent automatically upon form submission… later emails sent from the Sliced Invoices dashboard are not affected.)

    We have identified the source of the conflict, and it is a bug in Yoast SEO since v16.3. We have submitted a fix to the Yoast team and are waiting for them to implement it.

    Unfortunately there is no workaround from our side, it’s something that must be fixed by Yoast. We know that the last version of Yoast which worked correctly was v16.2. So one possible temporary solution would be to downgrade your Yoast plugin to version 16.2.

  • WP External Links by WebFactory Ltd

    WP External Links causes a conflict with Sliced Invoices’ PDF Invoice Extension, making it unable to generate any PDF files.
    Unless/until the WP External Links developers release a fix, you can try adding the following code snippet to your theme’s functions.php file. This will temporarily disable the WP External Links plugin just before a PDF file is generated:

    add_action( 'sliced_before_request_pdf', 'sliced_disable_wp_external_links_plugin' );
    function sliced_disable_wp_external_links_plugin() {
    	add_filter( 'wpel_apply_settings', '__return_false' );
  • Hummingbird / Hummingbird Pro by WPMU Dev

    This plugin forcibly removes Thickbox (JS library bundled with WordPress) from Sliced Invoices’ quotes and invoices templates. This makes it impossible to accept a quote, decline a quote, or make a payment on an invoice. At present we are not aware of any way to prevent Hummingbird from doing this, short of deactivating their plugin entirely.

  • Elegant Elements for Fusion Builder by InfiWebs

    This plugin is breaking the normal result of the core WordPress function get_the_ID(), causing it to return an ID that is different from the real ID of the post. This causes all functions in Sliced Invoices which need to know the post ID (i.e. the ID of the invoice or quote) to break. (ref.#102847)


  • ThemeFusion Themes in General

    ThemeFusion themes including Avada and probably many others, as well as their “Fusion Core” plugin, use a deprecated jQuery function which was removed as of WordPress 5.5. This will crash the JavaScript on many WP Dashboard pages, including Sliced Invoices’ pages, and probably many other plugins too. As a result Sliced Invoices will not work correctly.

    As a temporary workaround, you can install the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. This will restore the pre-WordPress 5.5 functionality, avoiding the error. (That said, a permanent solution will require the Fusion theme to update their code.)

    UPDATE 2020-09-08: For Avada theme, their latest version (7.0.2) apparently solves the issue, so it seems ThemeFusion is working on the problem. If you are using some other ThemeFusion product besides Avada, please watch the changelogs for an update from them which mentions “compatibility with WordPress 5.5”.